Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello there! I just received a 1TB external WD hard drive from the lovely BF (I had dropped heavy hints that I wanted to re-back up my photos). As I started copying my photo archives, I realized it will take quite a bit of time to back up my files because my archives total 600+ GB. Then I made some graphs!
I was curious how many photos I've taken per year. The spike in 2010 can be attributed to post-college free time and a camera upgrade. Simply not shooting as much can explain the drop in 2011; I've seen a lot of bands already, I like shooting new ones, and I've developed an uncharacteristic penchant for sleeping early.
Then I was curious about how many bands I've seen or photographed. I first discovered photos and concerts at the end of high school. Back then, I had a Canon Rebel and a clunker of a point and shoot back, and I was shooting mostly for fun (it wasn't that great). Then I got my trusty Canon 30D in March 2007 and I started shooting a bit more (this was also when I started neglecting my academics a bit, going out so late at night!). The next year, I reeled back my nighttime romps and focused on coursework rather than gigs. After I got my Canon 5D Mark II at the beginning of 2010, and especially after I graduated that May, I started to go to a bit more concerts. I guess this year, I've just been more selective about bands I want to see.

Anyway, I have a number of September shows lined up (you can check that out on the right margin). I'm especially excited about Moog Fest in Asheville, NC a bit further down the line. The line up looks stellar and I get to go back South!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Girl Talk and Matt and Kim at US Open's Rock the Set

"Stage Invaders"
This was a last minute photo gig, and I had no idea the private event was a launch party for the US Open until I got to the venue. I used to go to the Open every summer as a kid (I had one of those oversize tennis balls for players to autograph!), stopped during HS and college, but now I'm getting back into it. Last year, I scored last minute seats to the women's final and this year, I'm going to the men's quarter finals... unless I cave in and decide to get day session tickets early on in the tournament as well? I can't decide!

Anyway, Matt and Kim and Girl Talk are always high energy and fun to shoot. It was comfortable shooting the bands at a barely-filled venue (it was a private event with caterers walking around...), since I'm sure the bands have played Terminal 5 before, when the venue was full to the brim. See a few more photos here.

Matt and Kim
Matt and Kim

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cut Copy at Prospect Park

Cut Copy
I ♥ Cut Copy thisssss much. As always, the Melbourne boys brought out the bright lights for some seriously romantic electroballads. At the moment, all I want to hear is "Need You Now" on a loop. You can see more photos of Cut Copy at House List.

Foster The People opened. I've somehow neglected to check those guys out til now, and I can see why they would sell out two nights of Terminal 5. (Mark Foster gave an obligatory "I can't believe we're here!" quip.) I give them props for a spot-on cover of "Say It Ain't So." Click on the photo below to link to Flickr.
Foster the People

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cold Cave at Bowery Ballroom

I've seen so many iterations of Cold Cave, but this is the first time I've seen "the dance monster unleashed" (as my pal Jamie, who introduced me to Cold Cave way back in No Fun Fest 2009, describes it). I enjoy the aesthetic evolution from gentle head bobster to full out dance monster. Anyway, the Bowery Ballroom show this past Saturday was pretty infectiously dance-able. Here is one photo from the sold out gig and you can see more on House List or Flickr.
Cold Cave