Sunday, June 29, 2008

East River Music Project at East River Amphitheater

There was sunshine:There was rain:
Poor Titus Andronicus was rained out. How tragic!
But eventually, the showers passed.
Full set here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Futureheads at Bowery Ballroom

It was my first time seeing the Sunderland foursome. Their energetic live set left a much, much better impression on me than the hurried listen to their newest record, This is Not the World, prior to the gig. They were fun to photograph --really energetic. However, I'm not too pleased with the set (here), considering my mental tally of missed moments. (Ah, what I'd give for a barricade sometimes.)

So yea, short set. Tonight wasn't an assignment, but an impromptu decision to toss the Canon into my purse. I have to say-- it's hard for me to really get into taking photos from GA when there's a bouncy crowd, and especially when I'm in the concert-going mood rather than the serious, move-out-of-my-way! assignment mode.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

East River Music Project at East River Amphitheater

Some of you may know that I'm involved with the East River Music Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to putting together free shows at an awesome venue and showcasing (generally) local acts (read mission statement here).

Here are pictures for the season opener today:
Soiled Mattress and the Springs, which I previously saw/shot at a WBAR concert (see here).

Audience participation during Lucky Dragons, who took part in this year's Whitney Biennial and who curated today's show. You wave rocks over this thing, and it has a theremin deal going on.

Animental, a pretty rad band from Brooklyn.

Lexie Mountain Boys, who are four ladies.

John Wiese also played a set, which I caught just enough to get a sense of what he's about (noise) but not quite enough to get my camera all ready. David Horvitz opened.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Presets at Bowery Ballroom

It was my third time seeing these guys, and as a result, I am liking "Apocalypso" a little bit more now. (A testament to seeing live shows!) Take a listen at their myspace.

Taken for 'Sup Magazine. There will be an interview and online feature coming up, so these pics are sneak peeks of sort. (Once again, I seriously love this zine, affiliated or not.)

More on Flickr.

Walter Meego at Bowery Ballroom

Walter Meego opened for the Presets.
I've never seen a knob-twiddling, behind-the-table DJ-type "groove" and sweat so much.
Taken for 'Sup Magazine. (I seriously love this zine.)
Full set at Flickr.