Friday, June 6, 2008

Walter Meego at Bowery Ballroom

Walter Meego opened for the Presets.
I've never seen a knob-twiddling, behind-the-table DJ-type "groove" and sweat so much.
Taken for 'Sup Magazine. (I seriously love this zine.)
Full set at Flickr.


Anonymous said...

'sup looks cool, where can I get a copy?

Diana Wong said...

'sup is free, and i know I Heart on 262 Mott St is supposed to have some, but i think 'sup runs out everywhere. best way to read it is online, via pdf.

Davis Jones said...

Hey Diana
My name is Davis - I manage Walter Meego and our friends in Australia want to post your photos. Is there any way you can hook us up? We'd totally credit you and even more importantly would really appreciate it!

Shoot me an email! at pdavisjones at gmail dot com