Sunday, November 13, 2011

Soulwax at Webster Hall

When I went to Coachella 2007, these guys were playing... but I didn't know about them yet so I merely gave them a cursory listen before moving on to the next item on my festival agenda. I eventually gave them a serious listen and really got into their seamless blend of rock and dance, all the while lamenting the fact that I missed them when I had the chance. Luckily, I caught Soulwax when they rolled into town two weeks ago. You can see more photos at House List.

Moogfest 2011

I've been waiting for Brooklyn Vegan to post my photos from Moogfest 2011, which took place in Asheville, N.C. on October 28 - 30, before reporting on my adventures here. You can see photos from Friday here and Saturday here, but photos from Sunday... a bit lost in the shuffle right now. I'll edit this post with that link when those pictures surface. But for now, here are some of my favorite photos from the festival.
Martin Rev
Special Disco Version
TV on the Radio
Given all the festivals (or rock cruises) that have popped up recently, it's likely that many of you have festival fatigue. However, I really, really like Moogfest -- it is one of the most well organized festivals I've ever attended, especially in terms of bands running on schedule in the larger venues. The festival has a SXSW feel with various participating venues located within walking distance throughout downtown Asheville. And of course, the festival is in the heart of a pretty cool Southern city (check out this "36 Hours" piece in the NY Times from 2007). Some of the highlights of the festival include checking out local clubs, like the Orange Peel, tinkering with random synthesizers at the Moog Factory, and dining around downtown. So many great restaurants and shopping! There was also "77 Million Paintings", an art installation by Brian Eno available for viewing during the festival (you can watch Eno talk a bit about the installation on the Colbert Report). The only word of warning about the festival: airfare to Asheville can get really expensive if you buy tickets last minute. All in all, this is a fantastic festival with great vibes and killer lineups. Do NOT miss it next year.