Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello there! I just received a 1TB external WD hard drive from the lovely BF (I had dropped heavy hints that I wanted to re-back up my photos). As I started copying my photo archives, I realized it will take quite a bit of time to back up my files because my archives total 600+ GB. Then I made some graphs!
I was curious how many photos I've taken per year. The spike in 2010 can be attributed to post-college free time and a camera upgrade. Simply not shooting as much can explain the drop in 2011; I've seen a lot of bands already, I like shooting new ones, and I've developed an uncharacteristic penchant for sleeping early.
Then I was curious about how many bands I've seen or photographed. I first discovered photos and concerts at the end of high school. Back then, I had a Canon Rebel and a clunker of a point and shoot back, and I was shooting mostly for fun (it wasn't that great). Then I got my trusty Canon 30D in March 2007 and I started shooting a bit more (this was also when I started neglecting my academics a bit, going out so late at night!). The next year, I reeled back my nighttime romps and focused on coursework rather than gigs. After I got my Canon 5D Mark II at the beginning of 2010, and especially after I graduated that May, I started to go to a bit more concerts. I guess this year, I've just been more selective about bands I want to see.

Anyway, I have a number of September shows lined up (you can check that out on the right margin). I'm especially excited about Moog Fest in Asheville, NC a bit further down the line. The line up looks stellar and I get to go back South!

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