Saturday, August 27, 2011

Girl Talk and Matt and Kim at US Open's Rock the Set

"Stage Invaders"
This was a last minute photo gig, and I had no idea the private event was a launch party for the US Open until I got to the venue. I used to go to the Open every summer as a kid (I had one of those oversize tennis balls for players to autograph!), stopped during HS and college, but now I'm getting back into it. Last year, I scored last minute seats to the women's final and this year, I'm going to the men's quarter finals... unless I cave in and decide to get day session tickets early on in the tournament as well? I can't decide!

Anyway, Matt and Kim and Girl Talk are always high energy and fun to shoot. It was comfortable shooting the bands at a barely-filled venue (it was a private event with caterers walking around...), since I'm sure the bands have played Terminal 5 before, when the venue was full to the brim. See a few more photos here.

Matt and Kim
Matt and Kim

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