Monday, May 18, 2009

No Fun Fest 2009

EDIT: Jamie's column on the Fader is up online now. Part 1 and Part 2. They didn't credit my photos though, despite Jamie's constant reminding. LAME. EDIT2: Now with proper credits!

That was a very shortly lived teaser. Here are more photos. Ended up with a LOT of pics from this three day mayhem (okay not so mayhem, it was a hyper organized affair!), so head over to Flickr to see more more more. Some of my favorites pics (and acts) from the weekend:

Sonic Youth | Thurston Moore
Some Page Six for you: Thurston was just chillaxing all weekend, even reclining on the side stage for Dominick's set. At one point, a videographer tripped over Thurston. Whoops.

Cold Cave
SO GOOD! You must check them out! "Love Comes Close" is my new jam right now!

Yellow Tears

I may not be that familiar with noisy, No Fun bands (yet), but I really enjoyed Yellow Tears's set. Seeing the band have fun on stage, I couldn't help but do the same. Powerful stuff.

Black PusSo LOUD! Even my Etymotic earplugs were not strong enough for the percussive fury.

Emeralds | Mark McGuire
Another band I really enjoyed! The dude next to me said "WOW!" after the trio was done. Deservedly. Bought the new blue 12" at merch.

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Jamie J said...

Looks incredible! I am really glad you enjoyed yourself by the end, LIVE YOUR DREAM GIRL