Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tiga at Webster Hall

This was the first time I've been to Webster for a non-Bowery affair, so it was a bit disorienting. Packs of bros in too-gelled up hair. Skanked out ladies teetering in too-tall heels. Also, a fake sailor was trying to chat me up. Isn't it considered impersonation to dress in white collared shirt and pants with a nautical cap during Fleet Week? (Dude asked me where I'm from, and offered that he was from Turkey, so you are DEFINITELY not in the U.S. Navy.) There were, however, genuine American sailors roaming around Webster, arm in arm with some laydeees. I caught up with Caroline Turkish Homework and finally met Jeff Culture of Me, who gave me a quick tutorial about flash-centric party photography (which isn't really my thing, as I don't like to stick cameras in people's faces, but not that the party pic aesthetic is unappealing). By the time Tiga (.ca!) got on, I was told that there was no flash photography allowed, which was simultaneously a relief and a hassle. Surreptitious snaps are my thing, and I think it turned out decently. Anyway, I snapped some shots for 'Sup Mag --who else?-- and "danced" unconvincingly side stage til 3.

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