Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bear Hands at Bowery Ballroom

I went to check out Bear Hands yesterday and take some snaps for House List. I'm not too familiar with this band, aside from the snippets I heard during CMJ during the Maker's Mark, Fred Perry, and event at Stratosphere Sound. The photo below is from that day (also, check out the "outtakes"):
Bear Hands
Drummer wasn't there that day... Why is it so hard to photograph the drummer?

Anyway, the lighting was pretty tough that night. The stage alternated unrelentingly between overblown red hues and dimmed lights. Though there were sporadic bursts of white light, the night was pretty atrocious. In terms of tunes, Bear Hands was pretty catchy at times. (However, I need to take another listen, since I tend to focus on the visual and not aural when I'm shooting.) The second opener was Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - also enjoyable, but the visual elements were really distracting.
Bear Hands
Bear Hands
Bear Hands
Photos for House List are here, and the rest of my Flickr set is here.

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mattmaison said...

I was at this show. I listened to Bear Hands a lot before the show and was looking forward to it, but I was disappointed at their live performance.