Saturday, August 1, 2009

Diesel U Music Party at Webster Hall

I briefly attended the Diesel U Music concert party at Webster Hall on Thursday. I was so horribly jet lagged from Hong Kong, having flown in the evening before, that I just couldn't make it through the night. Did catch Noisettes (love the new sound), Heartsrevolution though. But one day, just one day, mark my words, I will catch you in concert, Lykke Li!


EOTphotography said...

Wow! i love her! although you were jetlagged and i know that sux!, did you enjoy yourself? diesel usually throws some awesome parties!

Diana said...

Hey EOT,
Whoa late response! I went off to Vegas for a few days after this show, so forgot to check comments.. Yeap, it was really fun! Though I was sorta dozing off to the end because I was so tired.