Saturday, July 12, 2008

No Age at South Street Seaport

EDIT: 'Sup feature here. More photos!

Ahhh, one of the few times I wish I could jump from the press pit into the mosh pit. Well, almost. The last time I saw No Age was at a basement performance space at Columbia, where Randy climbed dangerously high up the side of a stairwell. Knowing how high-energy the band is, I was eager to see and photograph them at the Seaport. Taken for 'Sup Mag.There were many photographers clogging the stage at first, taking up those precious spaces between the monitors for clear shots. I noticed after a few minutes that there were a lot less photogs. I turn around, see other photographers snapping away at the raging crowd.Full set at Flickr.

Opening was Telepathe, whose trippy layered vocals brought to mind nineties dream pop.

The first opener was "tropical punk" band Abe Vigoda.


Frances said...

this show was full of WBAR show alums!

finger snaps?

Diana said...

that is very true, fran. i wish i saw abe vigoda at wbar, but i might've had another concert to shoot that night. or tix.