Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Xiu Xiu at Reggie's Rock Club (Chicago)

While planning my Chicago spring break, I knew that I wanted to see a concert. A few days before leaving, I found out Justice sold out the Riviera (well, I've seen them three times already, so no big deal). Then I realized OhMyRockness.com had a Chicago section, saw a Xiu Xiu / Thao Nguyen / Bird Names listing and quickly bought tickets.

Thao Nguyen was fantastic. Each song felt different because of the range of variations in instrumentation. For instance, I liked how she played her guitar percussively towards the end of the set.

Xiu Xiu was interesting. Although I have Fabulous Muscles sitting in my iPod, I was pretty unfamiliar with the band. I'm more familiar with Parenthetical Girls... Xiu Xiu did catch my interest (guitar distortions!) but overall, they didn't win me over (vocals...). Nevertheless, I should give them another listen, as I was watching the show really really sleep deprived and tired from travelling.

[Note: Actual comprehensive concert photography coming up when I'm back in NYC-- Crystal Castles!]

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